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Hawthorn & Violet

Naturopathic Services and Herbal Apothecary
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Gift Cards Available Online & In Store

Visit us in store to purchase physical gift cards, or order an e-gift card any time.  You can schedule its delivery to someone's email to arrive on just the right date.  

Welcome to your Friendly Neighborhood Herbal Apothecary!

Come in and see all the fun stuff we have in store.  With over 200 organic bulk herbs, tinctures, a great selection of herb books and gifts for herbalists, locally made soaps and herbal personal care products,  Plant Therapy essential oils, gems and crystals, Pure Encapsulations and other high quality supplements, orgonite and much more, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll like!  Whether you're looking for some dried organic lavender or rose petals for a recipe or chamomile or hibiscus for tea, or some more obscure medicinal herbs, there's a good chance we have it.  Check our list of Bulk Herbs to see if we do!

We’re here Monday-Friday 10:00-5:30 pm and Saturday 10:00-1:00 pm.



Bulk Herbs 

We source our herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs and Starwest Botanicals, and they are organic whenever possible, or ethically wildcrafted.  

If you have a large bulk herb order, you can always give us a heads up and we can weigh things out for you and get it ready so you don’t have to wait as long in the shop.


We are continuing to offer porch pickups if you’d prefer that to coming in to shop.  Place an order any time and pay over the phone or via invoice, and call when you arrive during regular business hours and we’ll put your order on the front steps for you to have a no-contact pickup.  Many busy moms pick this option if they don't want to unload sleeping babies!  We're good with that!

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Latest News

Spring Medicinal Plant Sale Has Started!

We still have a few plants available for the Medicinal Plant sale.  

  • Hibiscus $6

  • Rosemary $6

  • Hyssop $6

  • Feverfew $5

  • Boneset $6

  • Elder Shrub $35

  • Monarda (Wild Bee Balm) $6 (1 left)

  • New England Aster $5-$7

  • Sage $6

New: we also have a limited quantity of orgnaically

grown Michigan wildflowers, $6 each


  • Black Eyed Susan

  • Blue Lobelia

  • Wild Columbine

  • Obedient Plant


**Pre-order the following by Tuesday, 

June 6th, 5:30 pm for pickup during store

hours  June 7-10th** $6 each

Call during store hours, or use the contact form to 

email us your list.  Prepayment is kindly 

requested.  We can send you an invoice

by email if communication is online.  Thanks!


  • Yarrow

  • Stinging Nettle

  • Skullcap

  • Marshmallow

  • Calendula

  • Tulsi (Holy Basil)

  • Chamomile

  • Echinacea

  • Astragalus

  • Oregano

  • Catnip

  • Monarda (wild bee balm)

  • Valerian

  • Thyme

  • Fennel

  • Anise Hyssop


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