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Naturopathic Consultations & Services

Call us at 810-569-6820  or email today to schedule your Naturopathic Consultation

Appointments available Tuesday-Friday 10 am- 1pm


Initial Evaluation/Consultation Session

This is the place to start for most people for their first appointment.

In order to take a full history and get a more complete picture of your individual health state, an intitial session will allow us to start on the right path to wellness. Plan to stay around an hour and a half.

Naturopathic consultations take longer than traditional western medicine appointments typically, because the goal is to help the whole person, on the physical, emotional and ehterical/spiritual level.  Telling ones story takes time, and it is an important process to determine where to focus this part of your healing journey.

If you would like to include a nutrigenomics component, we can do that as well if you have had your 23andme or Ancestry genes done.

You will receive a written plan of herbs, supplements and other adjustments to make in order to start you on your way. This sometimes takes a couple of days to compile after your appointment, as I like to personalize your individual plan.  


Image by Andy Chilton

SWAMI Personalized
Nutrition Consultation

Not everyone thrives on the same type of diet- we are all unique. We have specific genetic needs for nutrients and the best forms in which to consume them. Discovering your best foods is not always straightforward with the latest fad diets declaring their virtues apply to all. 

Using specialized software, I will create a completely customized nutritional program designed to optimize your overall health, maximize weight loss, and boost energy levels. SWAMI uses important markers such as your blood type and secretor status, several metabolically important genes as well as simple body measurements that provide clues into your genetic makeup and health risks. The program performs calculations on the nutrient values of 800 different foods to determine the foods that will yield the healthiest results for you. 

You will receive a comprehensive report including which foods to emphasize and avoid from each category as well as a personalized recipe book. In order to book this service, you’ll need to have your 23andMe or genetic test done. If you don’t have one, contact us, and we’ll talk you through the options


Continuing Naturopathic Consultation Session

 A naturopath is your health coach, helping you to reach your goals. As we make progress, we will need to tweak your plan to help you fine tune what you are doing. It is a good idea to meet 30-60 days after the initial session to assess how our plan is working and begin adding in new steps. This usually takes about 50-60 minutes.


Image by Katherine Hanlon

Acute Consultation

These sessions are designed to be for quick questions, acute, short term problems that you want to discuss with a naturopath.


These sessions are great for requesting a personalized flower essence blend, muscle testing sessions, or when you have something new come up, but don’t need a whole hour to discuss it.

20 mins. $30
30 mins $40
40 mins $50


Order your own bloodwork any time through Ulta Labs.  You'll prepay online, and print out a requisition slip to take to your local Quest (or similar) lab for a blood draw.  Results will be available online. You can choose to share results online with me or not.  This is great for full thyroid panels, vitamin D, and anything else you might be struggling to have ordered for you.  And the prices are fantastic.

Why Naturopathy?

Putting the Pieces Together


Inflammation plays a major role in many chronic diseases, so we'll focus on how to reduce it.

Gut Health

Vibrant good health starts with what is happening in the gut.  Leaky gut, unfriendly bacteria and candida can cause many health problems.

Tools from Nature

The tools of the naturopath include herbalism, nutrition, vitamins, and minerals, lifestyle considerations, homeopathy.  

Getting to the Root Cause

Naturopathy is a practice in which the ultimate goal a of our work  is to successfully identify and work on the cause of the disease/imbalance rather than suppressing the body’s symptoms.  Symptoms are signs of a disharmony and not the disease itself.

Women's Health

We have many herbal allies that are helpful for women's health!


Let us help you find ways to manage your stress and reduce the impacts of stress on your body.

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