Classes & Events

Preregistration is highly recommended- many classes fill up early!  If you see a class you want, but its already full, you can give us a call and see if we're taking names for a wait list in case of a cancellation.
If we do have room on the day of class, add $5 to registration fee.
Please call or stop into the shop to sign up.  810-569-6820
Classes are held in a room at the back of the shop.

Upcoming Classes

January 7th 10:30 am Herbalism for Beginners $15

The most successful use of herbs requires an understanding that different people have different underlying constitutions and require plants with differrnt qualities based on this. The art of herbalism is more complex than "take this herb for this problem." This class lays a solid foundation to start to think of herbs in a constitutionally appropriate way and to start to work your way through how to really use herbs with a deeper knowledge of how they affect the body.

In this class we will talk about how to choose herbs based on their energetics- cooling, warming, moistening, drying, as well as some examples of herbs from each of these categories. We will meet a few of our best allies and learn the basics of how to use them.

January 14th 10:30 am: Winter Wellness $15

If you've been struggling with fighting things off, or want some good strategies for when colds and flu strike at your house, this is the class for you. We'll talk about how to build up your immune system to help you prevent or lessen the severity of winter colds and flus. We will discuss herbs, foods, and other tools to do this. I love biology so will sneak a little of that in there too. We will also discuss what herbs and foods will help us recover wellness if we do fall ill this winter. 

January 21st 10:30 am: Herbs for Women's Health $15 

This is a class to become more familiar with herbs that are beneficial for many areas specific to women's health. We'll talk about herbs that are useful for periods, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, menopause and more.

January 28th: Herbal Tea Making $20

All new class! This is an introductory class to using herbs to make medicinal teas. This is a perfect class for someone relatively new to herbalism who wants to dive in and start learning, as well as for those who'd like a fresh perspective on the flavors of herbs and how we might want to blend them.

We'll explore some of their medicinal properties and flavors. We'll sample many different teas to get a feel for how they taste. We'll also talk about which herbs do best with different extraction methods.

February 4th 10:30 am: Gut Health: Healing Inflammation, Allergies and Autoimmune $15

The root of all disease begins in the gut. We'll talk about why gut health is so important for reducing your hay fever symptoms, you aches and pains, your mental health outlook, as well as the impact on autoimmune conditions.  
We'll focus on the importance of gut integrity, what weakens it, and how to strengthen it. 

February 11th 10:30 am: Herbal Aphrodisiacs $15

This class is an Herbalism class and the focus will be on herbs with a historical reputation for encouraging being in the mood for love. Sometimes these are nervine herbs, sometimes they are adaptogens. We will look at some lovely herbs and herbal formulae to help set the stage for a healthy libido. This is a timely class for Valentines Day! We'll be sampling our Blooming Passionate tea blend during class and talk about ways to incorporate these herbs on a regular basis.

February 18th 10:30 am: Flower Essences for Emotional Balance $15

Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants which interact with the subtle energies of the human being, and evoke specific qualities within us. When emotions feel out of balance, the right flower essence can help us move through the lesson of that emotion and shoulder our burdens with more resilience.  In this class we'll talk about how to use flower essences, go through the classical Bach flower essences, and learn about some of the lesser known North American flower essences.  We can make an individualized flower essence blend anytime at the shop if you know your flowers for $13 (or book an acute appointment if you need help) but for the day of this class, flower essence blends will be discounted to $9.

February 25th Herbal Medicine Making $25 

This class will be a hands on demonstration of how to make your herbs into medicine. We will learn about how to make infusions, decoctions, tinctures, poultices, steams, salves, syrups and more.  We'll be doing A LOT in the 2 hours or so you'l be here.

March 4th  6 pm Tuning In with Tarot with Guest Teacher Heather Durling $40

Back by popular demand- we filled up so quickly the first two times we offered this class, we decided to go ahead and offer it again. 

This workshop will be taught by Heather, whom you may have met in the shop on Tuesday mornings and the occasional Saturday. She has a lot of really interesting knowledge on this topic, and this workshop is bound to be a gem. 

No prior knowledge of tarot is needed, we will be learning a whole new way of working with them. 

Class size is limited to just 10, so do register early if you'd like to ensure your spot. 

Class fee is $40, we will be using the Light Seer Tarot deck, which is included in the cost of the workshop.

Here is Heather's description of this class:
"Every single one of us has the ability to tune in to our own unique Soul Vibe and how we truly resonate. We can also learn how to surf the big and little currents of energy that come along in this journey of life, we don’t have to keep getting flung around or feel like we’re drowning when the big waves hit. Fear and anxiety are both examples of some of the heavier energies that can hit us daily on a personal level and as a collective.

Using tools to help us tune in to what's going on AND what feels best for us instead can be a game changer. One of the easiest tools I use is the cards, both tarot and oracle. They are fantastic visual tuning forks that help identify the external funk I’m picking up on, what vibe actually feels more aligned with my Soul, and what to do, choose, or focus on while navigating my day or week.

March 11th  10:30 am Medicinal Mushrooms $15

All new class at Hawthorn & Violet!
Here we'll learn about the qualities of various medicinal mushrooms, how they can be used, how to identify them, where they grow, and their constituents and how best to extract them.

March 18th 10:30 am Herbs for Stress & Anxiety $15

You may have heard about herbs like St. Johns wort for depression and Chamomile for soothing stressed nerves, but let me take you a little deeper into the world of herbs we can use to help balance our energy patterns, that will help alleviate stress, fatigue and other emotional states. We will look at several different adaptogenic and nervine herbs and discuss the types of imbalances they best address.

March 25th 10:30 am Flower Essences Part 2. $15

This is especially for those who took Flower Essences part 1 and enjoyed it, though its not a prerequisite for the class. However, it is a good idea to already be familiar with flower essences generally (what they are and how to use them). Here we will take a broader look at the North American Flower Essences not covered in the first class, talk about how to make and test your own flower essences, and alternative uses for flower essences, like combining with energy work and acupressure.

Image by Heather Barnes
Cancellation Policy: If you find that you can't make a class you've signed up for after all, give us at least 48 hours notice, and we can forward your class credit to a future class upon request.  Our classes often fill up, and if there's not enough notice, its hard to fill your spot! Thank you for your understanding.