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Other Items We Carry

Herbal Tinctures

We carry a wide variety of single herb tinctures and herbal blend tinctures.  We stock Herb Pharm, Crescent Moon Herbs, Urban Moonshine, Herbalist & Alchemist, Mountain Rose, Four Elements, Starwest Botanicals and Herb Lore Tinctures, to bring you the widest selection possible.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

We chose to carry Plant Therapy because they are a very conscientious company that provides very high quality essential oils and blends without the high price tag you may have become used to. They feature organic and  Kid Safe labeling.  The company is founded and run by trained aromatherapists and always have batch testing results of exact constituents by a third party available online, so their transparency is much appreciated.

Herbal Reference Books

Sometimes you just need a really great book for inspiration or instruction!  We curate some our favorite books on herbalism, natural health, energetic aspects of plants, and crystals.  Whether you're looking for yourself or for the perfect gift for someone you know would *love* our shop, there is plenty from which to choose!

Koshi Windchimes

If you have stopped  into our shop and have heard the lovely tinkling chimes that provide the backdrop sound in our store, you've heard these magical musical chimes.  They sound like simple joy.  Handmade in France, these 4 different wind chimes are inspired by the elements: of  fire, water, air and earth.  (Ignis, Aqua, Aria and Terra, respectively, in case you don't read French).  If you look at our display, they are color coded to help you figure out with one resonates with you best- just look at the letter "o" in Koshi on the chime to figure out which is which.

Crystals, Handwrapped necklaces, jewelry

We have a nice selection of crystals, stones and jewelry, including hand wrapped crystal necklaces made right here in Fenton.  We have amethyst, various quartz, shungite, malachite, kyanite, amazonite, howlite, jasper, adventurine, citrine, moonstone, angelite and much more.  

Broad Spectrum Organic CBD Oil 

We've carried organic Tree of Life Botanicals CBD oil and lotions since we first opened and couldn't be happier with. it. It is full or broad spectrum- we carry both-  (meaning it comes from the whole hemp plant, and is not an isolate), is extracted using CO2 extraction- which is a very clean method, and is very bioavailable.  The taste is very clean, as they filter out the flavor that some find too earthy or objectionable.  Comes in 3 strengths 175 (pet strength), 850 mg and 1700 mg.

The topical lotion is a great relief as well!

Home Apothecary Items

Great for projects- we have amber glass dropper bottles, glass roller bottles with stainless steel rollers, eye wash cups, nasal sprayers, neti pots, glass spray bottles, cheesecloth, heat and seal empty tea bags, cloth tea bags, mortar and pestles, various tea infusers, mini funnels, strainers, nutmeg graters, 1 oz glass jars, salt cellars.  if you're looking for it, hopefully we have it!

Locally Made Soaps, Skincare, Herbal Products

We have some talented herbalists and artisans in our locality.  We features skin care and infused oils (amongst other gems) by Grand Blanc herbalist company, In the Weeds.  Her products have garnered quite a following, and rightfully so.  Her attention to detail, and the obvious love and care that goes into her products are obvious!

We have locally made soaps from a very talented soap maker from Holly, MI that will leave your skin feeling softer than you would have realized soap can leave your skin!  Thats down to the high quality ingredients she uses.  And they're gorgeous.  Gift worthy, or treating yourself worthy.  And beard oils too.

We have natural deodorants, roll-ons and cosmetics from HBC organics, recently relocated to Frankenmuth.

And of course Hawthorn & Violet has our own line of salves and a Herbal Sitz Bath for New Mamas.

Pure Encapsulations Supplements, ION gut health

We carry Pure Encapsulations vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other supplements.  Though we don't carry their full line, we are always happy to stock anything requested by our customers!  

We are also pleased to carry ION (stands for Intelligence of Nature), a humic extract that facilitates healing of the gut.  Its helpful for immune function, digestion, mental clarity, mood and metabolism. (Previously it was called Restore)

Housemade Elderberry Syrup

Oh yes, we make our own elderberry syrup here.  It is made from all organic herbs and spices, reverse osmosis water and local raw honey. And it is delicious.  Whether you're someone who'd rather just skip making it yourself, or you don't have the time at the moment, let us provide you with some virus-fighting loveliness.  Look for it in the fridge. 

We also have elderberry syrup making kits if you'd like to have an easy DIY project on hand for when you need it.  It contains all the herbs and spices in the same ratios as in our housemade syrup.  You just cook, strain and add your own honey when you're ready for it. We also  sell local raw honey from Swartz Creek, and bottle here in store.

We sometimes also carry other housemade herbal syrups and oxymels in season- like Fire Cider in the fall and Herbal Simple Syrups in the summer for adding to beverages or treats to add a unique herbal flair

Gift Ideas and Lovely, Economic Cards for All Occasions

If you find the perfect gift for someone in our shop, we make it a one stop trip by offering truly lovely Tree-Free greeting cards with gorgeous art, kind sentiments and matching envelopes at a truly resonable price ($3.99- can't beat that!) We carry cards for all occasions- birthdays, weddings, congratulations, thank you, sympathy, encouragment, holidays and more.

Other random fun items we have include wooden face carvings made by a local artist, flax seed eye pillows in beautiful batik prints, white sage and palo Santo for smudging, incense, Dandy Blend, elderberry jams and jellies, chocolates with just 3 ingredients, sweetened with only honey, natural sea sponges, cloth menstrual pads in fun prints, a small selection of truly beautiful oracle and tarot cards, essential oil diffusers. We're always adding new fun items.

Orgonite jewelry, pyramids, plates, cell phone

If you're looking for organite for EMF protection-  jewelry, pyramids, charging plates, cell phone protectors, look no further.  We have some great stuff made by Michigan company Orgone Fields.

Housemade Tea blends

We have been working on several house blends to make it easy for folks- this is what we are making these days::

Calmly Present

Memory Mint Medly

Blooming Passionate

Nourishing Moon Tea

Rooted Chai


Happy Heart Tea

Cleanse & Flow



We carry single homeopathic remedies from Boiron (the little blue tubes with the pellets in them like arnica and pulsatilla), cell salts, and Energetix homeopathic blends.

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